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Bog Berry Dryer Balls

Bog Berry Dryer Balls

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These Dryer balls are handmade in Philly, PA!
Each Bag comes with a set of 6!
Help save the environment, it's better for your family (none of those harsh chemicals in dryer sheets) & a money saver!!
These WON'T wear out!! 

Color options: Oatmeal, Natural or Earthy Heathers

Oatmeal: Each set includes 2 natural cream color, 2 sand, 2 oatmeal heather dryer balls, and a storage bag that has been hand printed with information, selling points, and instructions for use. 

Natural: This set of 6 dryer balls is made of wool that is washed and carded, but not dyed. A very slight variation of tone is present. These are perfect for neutral color schemes, using with cloth diapers, and are always popular with those who just want undyed, natural wool.

Earthy Heathers: Set of 6 Dryer balls. This color range is a year-round favorite. These colors - wild mustard, a heathered rust color, a sage green, a heathered blue/grey, a mottled tan/ grey with flecks of turquoise and rust, and a heathered dusty rose comprise this color range.